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Please help support my channel by using my link to. Every time we tried to close the door it would immediately re-open and it took several tries to get it to close. Bought a brand new Honda Odyssey ex-L. When trying to open the door, it will start back closing; also, if the door does open, when I try to close it, it will start closing and then stop and open back up.

Honda Odyssey EX. Is the other under the hood? · If you have a Honda Odyssey produced between 19, you should try one of the door control buttons. Fully close the power sliding door manually (the control unit must see the full latch switch and the ratchet switch closed at the same time). Odyssey Navigation Manual Odyssey Owner&39;s Manual (Revised ) To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact: Helm IncorporatedM-F 8AM – 6PM EST. · Remove fuse that powers the instrument cluster and the one for the power sliding door in order to reset the door and the clock. The power sliding door won&39;t latch and close properly.

Rehome the affected door(s), and open and close the power sliding door six or seven times. SOURCE: honda odyssey passenger side power sliding If it will not open or close using the remote and all other functions of the rmote work then it is likely to be the remote receiver inside the door behind the door liner. the edge of the sliding door or on the door pillar.

When automatic door switch is OFF and I close the door manually, the back side of the door is being pulled in (by some solenoid? Odyssey&39;s have a history of losing a bumper that fits in between the sliding door and the door rail stop. ) at the very end, but after ~~2-3 seconds it is getting released and the back end of that left sliding door is sticking out about 1/4. Erase the sliding door DTCs by removing the No. Our Honda Odyssey Automatic Sliding Door was not closing as it should. I&39;ve read a lot about where people have had success with this repair by removing the clock fuse and allowing it to reset, then the door operates properly.

How toReset the Power Sliding Power Sliding Door Indicator Doors Power Sliding Doors(EX,EX-L Models) 108 Instrumentsand Controls POWER SLIDING. Press and hold both power sliding door buttons until the doors close completely. Flip the switch back on and use the button to open and close the door. · I have a odyssey EX-L. When you try it feels like something is. · Manual sliding doors on my Odyssey LX won&39;t open. The fuse box is on the passenger side down by your feet & inside the fuse box you&39;ll see the description of what each fuse does.

If this does not work, turn the "Main" switch to "Off" and manually close the doors. Turn off the power doors using the dashboard switch to the left of the steering wheel. The dealer have to replace many parts and fixed the wiring problems to get it fixed. The sliding door on the passenger side of my Honda Odyssey does not open when I use the remote or switch but works manually. Why is my Honda Odyssey won't minivan stuck? The auto-reverse motor stops working when the door is about to latch so the auto-closer can pull the door shut.

Door Handles – Should your handle become broken or damaged in some way, replacing it with the factory door handle is the only way to restore proper function. Can&39;t open it manually, with dash control, with door panel control, or with remote. Why is my Honda sliding door not opening? Mechanic&39;s Assistant: Most vehicles have two fuse panels. ( Honda Odyssey) It won&39;t even unlock manually. Their is no noise clicking or otherwise,door locks work.

Manually open the offending door and then manually close it. If there is an obstacle in the door sill, the power sliding doorPower Sliding Door may not open or close properly. Turn the switch back to "On. I’ve tried manually closing but it won’t budge. How to change the problematic Honda odyssey door hinges from electric to manual so you can use them easier if you have electric issues. Passenger power sliding door does not Honda Odyssey EX. · Both power sliding doors on my Honda Odyssey have stopped working and have to be manually forced shut. Buy your Honda Odyssey parts now from our easy to use online catalog at HondaPartsOnline.

For an update on the best way to fix the sliding doors see this video: be/dOgN7E428-EOur Honda Odyssey Automatic Sliding Door was not clos. The bumper gets old and brittle and eventually fal. Replacing the door seal with an updated seal from Honda will repair this issue. pull the fuse out for 30 seconds, put it back in, the sliding door that didn&39;t close, closes now. After opening and trying to close it several times, I was finally able to manually force it closed.

I removed the fuse from the panel under the drivers feet. I would need help locating the clock fuse also if this is recommended. DrIver side sliding door won&39;t close 31 Answers. Confirm that the buttons now don&39;t work. My repair shop says that both power slide motors have to be honda odyssey sliding door won't close manually replaced at a cost of ,200. Have you located both? Drivers side works normally.

Make sure the ignition switch is in LOCK (0). - Blacksburg, VA, USA. The problem: Some components in the power sliding door’s rear latch assembly are prone to sticking, which can stop the front and rear latches from securely connecting. See more results. as an amazon affiliate, i get commissions from purchases made from links in the description of my videos.

2 minutes later I found a YouTube video that showed how to operate the door manually. Manual sliding doors will stick or not open easily due to the door seal sealing too well. net to keep your Honda running like new for many years to come! 7 fuse from the under-dash fuse/relay box. This is the EASIEST FIX for your Honda Odyssey driver’s side sliding door not opening. Turn off the Main switch for the doors. There is a cable sticking out that is stopping the door from closing all the way.

If you do it 2-3 times, it would pop and work fine for a day or two. Right automatic sliding door won&39;t close on Honda Odyssey I put my car through the car wash, and when it came out, the right automatic sliding door won&39;t close. Van door won&39;t open or close how do I fix it 10 Answers. The fuse you need is labeled "Sliding doors" & is a 20 amp fuse. I have a Honda Odyssey and the rear right side door won&39;t open it is a power sliding door. The likely reason is the sensor popped out and so the car “thinks” the.

When removing the obstacle from the door sill, make. Wait 30 seconds while you manually open and close both sliding doors before putting the fuses back in. I&39;m waiting to find a fix. " The power sliding doors should be reset.

Average repair cost is 0 at 55,700 miles. Showing "Slide Door" sign on the Instrument. • Refer to page 22-436 of the Odyssey Service Manual, or.

Close each sliding door completely by hand; or Move the MAIN switch on the dashboard to the ON position. Honda Odyssey electric door won&39;t close My door opens but when it closes, there is a hesitation as if it is hitting something. Can&39;t open sliding door? Sometimes it’s. · Vehicles involved: 107,774 of the 20 Honda Odyssey minivans, built from Jan.

I checked all fuses. Flip the switch above the slider open/close switches to off. read more.

Is the Honda Odyssey automatic sliding door closed? If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, a navigation manual with detailed instructions, settings, and other information is also available. It does not work in automatic mode, but works honda odyssey sliding door won't close manually manually in both modes. Report Honda Odyssey 160,000 mi,. Sometimes this can cause the door handle to break when trying to open the door.

When you would click the remote/dashboard buttons to open or close it, you could hear it whir, but then not open or close, honda odyssey sliding door won't close manually and you&39;d hear the 3 beeps telling you the door didn&39;t work. · Both sliding glass doors do not activate to open or close, however if manually closed all the way it will activate to pull the door in to fully close. Average failure mileage is 48,450 miles. · there is a problem with left sliding door on honda odyssey. Enable the power door switch on the left dashboard. Check.

More Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Won&39;t Close Manually videos. The passenger sliding door will not open, even manually. I can open and close the door manually but the automatic opener does not work.

Went through 4 repairs. After lubricating and finding a simple loose part that was triggering the safety sensor it now closes on the first try every time. This problem affects the left and right power sliding doors, Honda says. Do this a few times. The driver side sliding power door will not close since last night. I have to open the driver or passenger door and yank the sliding doors open by grabbing the side of the door and pulling. · My odyssey passenger sliding door won’t close. Passengers side is fine.

19,, through Ap. · It could be as simple as just resetting. The door will not close, even manually. The Honda Odyssey has 7 problems reported for power doors not working properly. · B (left power sliding door base position switch circuit open/short) and/or B (right power sliding door base position switch circuit open/short). When I pull the handle nothing happens and I don&39;t hear any noise like it&39;s working. When I try to open the door all i hear is a beep. Fuse box is under the hood in front of the passenger.

Removed and replaced the 7. The Honda Odyssey has 19 problems reported for sliding door malfunction. · Drivers side electric sliding door won&39;t work at all not even manually. Tried switching to manual; still the door won&39;t close. I have a Honda Odyssey EX. This video is for the generation. Clear the DTCs with the HDS.

Push and hold the top of each door switch until each sliding door closes completely. Honda Odyssey Minivan Recalled Over Problem With Sliding Doors. Honda Odyssey. · Honda Odyssey ex The rear left sliding door stopped working. If that doesn’t work, you need to replace the rubber bumper between the door and the rail. Drivers side sliding door won&39;t open.

Both doors are doing this now. · honda odyssey sliding door won't close manually Presumably the power operation feature can be switched off, though it&39;s not apparent that you are ever completely independent of some degree of power assist, since even when closing the doors manually there are some internal mechanics that kick in to complete the final "seal" (one sees this if they look alongside the side of the car as the door closes. The object detection unit also malfunctioned. According to Honda, some components in the power sliding door’s rear latch assembly are prone to sticking, which can stop the front and rear latches from securely connecting. If your Odyssey is newer than and the sliding door won’t close, check the toggle switch.

Honda odyssey sliding door won't close manually

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